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'Early concepts of intimacy: Young humans use saliva sharing to infer close relationships'

NPR Even babies and toddlers know that swapping saliva is a sure sign of love

Science Fridays: Saliva Sharing Might Help Kids Identify Their Closest Relationships

MIT News Babies can tell who has close relationships based on one clue: saliva

New Scientist: Babies can tell who's closely related from whether they share saliva

CTV News: Kiss and tell: study says saliva sharing a signal for babies learning about relationships

The Economist: Babies learn about the world by looking at who shares saliva

STAT Kisses, licks, and drool: Study shows how ‘saliva sharing’ shapes babies’ understanding of the closest relationships 


Science Spit take: Even young infants know we only swap saliva with the ones we love

UPI Babies identify close relationships by saliva, study suggests 

Philly Voice Kissing and food-sharing help babies identify close relationships, study shows

Science News Babies may use saliva sharing to figure out relationships

Scientias: baby's weten wie innige relaties hebben op basis van speekseluitwisseling

APF: The dribble test: How toddlers spot close social ties

ScaryMommy: Even Babies Get That Sharing Food Shows Intimacy

The Naked Scientists: Infants spot sharing saliva in relationships

Quirks and Quarks: Kids take note of who you kiss and who shares your ice cream

Psychology Today: Slobbery Secrets: Sharing Saliva Is Surprisingly Significant

'Toddlers Prefer Winners but not When they Win by Force'

27 August 2018. Ashley interviewed on All things Considered 

7 September 2018, Science Daily

10 September 2018, Times of India

11 September 2018, ZME Science

Interviews About 'No Child Left Alone'

22 August 2016. Ashley, Kyle and Barbara talk with Tania Lombrozo for NPR's Cosmos & Culture blog (print)

25 August 2016. Barbara on 89.3 KPCC's AirTalk with Larry Mantle (radio)

29 August 2016. Ashley on Rising Up with Sonali (video)

29 August 2016. Ashley interviewed on BYU Radio's Top of Mind with Julie Rose (radio)

6 September 2016. Barbara on the Savage Lovecast Episode 515 (podcast)

15 September 2016. Barbara on Danielle Smith News Talk 770 Radio Calgary (radio)

21 September 2016. Kyle and Barbara on Athiestically Speaking, Part I (podcast)

25 September 2016. Kyle and Barbara on Athiestically Speaking, Part II (podcast)

27 September 2016. Ashley, Kyle and Barbara on KUCI's Ask A Leader (radio)

8 November 2016. Barbara on The Current, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (radio)

16 December 2016. Op-Ed by Ashley, Kyle and Barbara in the Washington Post (print)

05 January 2017. Barbara interviewed on One Bad Mother podcast, Episode 186 (podcast)

04 October 2017. Kyle interviewed on Modern Fatherhood podcast with Stephen Marche (forthcoming)

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