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I'm interested in humans as a social species. I investigate what infants, toddlers, and children think about social relationships (i.e., their naive sociology). I've studied how they think and feel about social hierarchy (i.e. situations where there is a 'winner' and a 'loser' or when someone is 'in charge.') I most recently investigated how infants interpret social interactions that involve their own caregivers as well as how infants, toddlers, and children think about social intimacy. I've also studied people's moral judgments of parenting decisions. 

I am an Assistant Professor at Harvard University. (

Click here for a CV that includes links to manuscripts and OSF pages

Beyond my research, I am committed to finding ways that we can take care of each other in academia. I love thinking about structural changes that could improve both academia and the world. I have been a political organizer working on topics such as immigrant and worker rights.


I am the mother of two humans. 

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